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Last Cast of the Week: 10/21/2016

Most Fridays on Casting Across are  devoted to other people’s contributions in the fly fishing community. Articles, pictures, social media accounts, videos, podcasts, products, and more will be featured on The Last Cast of the Week.

Today, I’m sharing items from Creek, Colorado Springs Gazette, & Pyramid Fly Co.

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Creek Fly Fishing – Fly Wallets

I have a lot of fly boxes. I’m sure that you do as well. But so many of them are just “another fly box.” There is something unique and romantic about a leather fly wallet. There is a tactile sensation and a nostalgic aura about them that a mass-produced plastic box can’t replicate. Creek, a Hungarian company, hand-makes some beautiful products. They have a great Instagram account, and take some amazing photos. Check them out, and consider going this route for the next time you want to store more flies.

Fishing With Worm Patterns – Colorado Springs Gazette

In many fly fishing circles, “san juan” is Spanish for “cheating.” Although the patterns don’t look like most nymphs, the reality is that the naturals they seek to imitate are just as common  as scuds or hellgrammites.  This article, by  Jon Kleis of the Angler’s Covey Fly Shop,  is one more example of a pro who understands how silly it is to discriminate against a legitimate pattern. So buy some worms (or tie them, if you have an opposable thumb or two) and catch trout.

Pyramid Lake Bait Balls – Pyramid Fly Co.

This place. At least for an Eastern fly fisher, it doesn’t immediately pop into my mind as a top tier destination for western fishing. However, all I ever hear about and see from this place is amazing fish and spectacular scenery. This video is another example of the opportunities in this special place. Using the now-ubiquitous drone camera, there are some very cool sweeping and top-down shots.


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