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Last Cast of the Week, 6/10/2016

Fridays on Casting Across are  devoted to other people’s contributions in the fly fishing community. Articles, pictures, social media accounts, videos, podcasts, products, and more will be featured on  The Last Cast of the Week.

Today, I’m sharing items from The New Fly Fisher, Scadding Court Community Centre, and The Venturing Angler.

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The New Fly Fisher – YouTube

With nearly 10,000 followers, I’m certainly not breaking any news here. However, there are a lot more than 10,000 fly fishers out there that use YouTube! Not to be disparaging to any other YouTube accounts in the slightest, but the content put up by The New Fly Fisher is the kind of thing that is getting more and more rare on the internet. Full, free shows.  Destinations, education, and more are featured in these  television programs. With  dozens of videos available, you’ll never have a shortage of clips to watch on your lunch break or  whenever you’re killing time.

Scadding Court Community Center’s Gone Fishin’ Project

I was turned on to this event via a link to an article about it on the mighty Moldy Chum. Basically, a community center in Toronto drains their pool, refills it with tap water, and stocks it with trout. Inner  city kids get a chance to fish, see a trout, and do something they may not otherwise have a chance to do. I’m all for getting a rod into children’s hands, and I think this is a great idea that works if no outdoors options are available. Of course everyone who can fuss about things fusses about this event and the treatment of the poor, helpless hatchery rainbows. But isn’t that par for the course, eh?

The Venturing Angler – Best Blogs

So if a blog post featuring great blog posts features a blog post about  great blogs does that create  some sort of paradoxical internet vortex? Probably not as much as the  previous sentence might. The Venturing Angler grabs  nine of the truly top-notch blogs on fly fishing out there today, and briefly tells you why they are worth your time. I agree with his assessments,  and heartily suggest all of them. And, incidentally, his own site! While you can and should browse around and find some diamonds in the rough, beginners should make sites like the Venturing Angler suggests their first stops. So support your local blog and get clicking today.


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