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Fly Fishing Podcasts: Shows for the Show

Today kicks off The Fly Fishing Show’s biggest stop: Edison, New Jersey. Like many fly fishers in this part of the country and far beyond, I’ve made the journey to this event year after year. This year I’m spending two full days, which entails two full nights. With a long-ish drive from New England, that is the only safe and reasonable way to do it.

Assuming the weather is nice, the drive can be part of the fun. The early morning coffee, a familiar album, some good conversation, or just enjoying the scenery can help the time go by. More than that, they can add to the experience.

If you’re looking to add something else – something fly fishing related – to the experience, give a podcast a listen.

Whether you are driving to The Fly Fishing Show, walking around the grocery store, or sitting in your favorite chair, a podcast can inject a little angling into your time. Here are four good ones that are worth listening to this weekend:

2 Guys and A River – Living in Fly Fishing Exile

Moving from Montana to Chicago is quite the gut punch for a fly fisher. Steve and Dave acknowledge this, and explore the balance between missing what they had and enjoying what they now have. This episode resonated with many of their listeners, myself included, because it is a palpable feeling for anyone who has moved away from beloved waters.

Anchored with April Vokey – Donald Trump, Jr. on Fishing, Hunting, Public Land & Corley Kenna on Patagonia, Public Land, National Monuments

These two podcasts go hand-in-hand. April does better journalism than most network journalists in these interviews. She probes the issues, is pleasant, and gets both Trump and Kenna talking. Regardless of your political ideologies or preconceptions on the issue of public land, these episodes are certainly well done and informative.

The DrakeCast – Heavy Metal Flyfishing Through the Ice

You’ve seen musky decoys before. Not lures, not flies – decoys. They are used in dark house spear fishing. It is so Midwestern and, more than that, so Minnesota. Spear fishing is about as un-fly fishy as you can get, but Elliot Adler and his companions do manage to chase some toothy critters with “traditional” tackle. This is a really fun listen, and you’ll probably learn a thing or two.

The Fly Fishing Consultant Podcast – Behind the Scenes of a Fly Fishing Guide

Want to know what happens before you show up to the boat launch for your guided trip? Rob will give you a peek behind the curtain to let you in on the inner workings. His world isn’t necessarily the same as a flats guide in Florida or a Montana angler, but taking clients out in Metro DC is full of adventure. At the very least, you’ll appreciate how hard good guides work for their clients.

Want more show or episode recommendations? I’ve got that, too:


  1. I don’t listen to podcasts very often unless someone I know is featured. I guess I have to admit that I have a hard time listening and not be able to talk back. My third grade teacher pointed this out to me way back in the day. I have an opinion on everything! Rest in Peace Mrs. Carpenter. You knew me well.

  2. Gin Clear says:

    Safe travels, Matt, and enjoy the Jersey show. I’ve listened to many fly fishing podcasts, including several of the ones you mention above. It’s enjoyable to learn from others and re-live their experiences both on and off the water.

    Of late, my fly fishing podcast listening has waned, but I have enjoyed the candid, unfiltered & unbiased view of the world and global events offered by the No Agenda Show (http://www.noagendashow.com/) I highly recommend you give it a listen, at least one show on your way back from Edison.

  3. Jason Jon Derifaj says:

    Nailed it!

    These are my top 4 as well. Orvis’s podcast is also excellent even if it sounds a bit long in the tooth at times. Still, excellent list.

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