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Fly Fishing Podcasts Worth Listening To, part III

If one’s digital footprint on Google is any indication of their contribution to their respective field, then I’m making an impact in the appreciation of fly fishing podcasts. I’ve given suggestions about what you should be listening to two times. I’ve also talked to some of the major figures in the genre and analysed why this sport is such great subject matter  for the medium. These three pieces have been read and shared a respectable number of times, and hopefully it has lead to people checking out the excellent content that can be streamed at their convenience.

I’d like to offer up a few episodes that I’ve appreciated over the past few months. There is certainly a lot more quality work out there, and I’ve hardly scratched the surface. Definitely go back to the articles linked to above to see what else is worth listening to. But below are episodes from 2 Guys and a River, Anchored with April Vokey, Fly Fishing Consultant Podcast, and Orvis Guide Fly Fishing Podcast that I think you should take some time to check out.

2 Guys and a River Fly Fishing Observations from a Year of Podcasting

A podcast article mentioning a podcast where they discuss podcasting? Yes. Steve and Dave do what they do about as good as anyone else. They appeal to beginners and seasoned anglers alike. I attribute it to the fact that they are legitimately doing their show “for the love of fly fishing.” The 2 Guys share their experiences behind the microphone and in the river, and genuinely have a great time doing it.

Anchored with April Vokey
On Being Joan Wulff

This was one of the best fly fishing podcasts I’ve ever heard. If you are even slightly interested in the history of our sport, this should be a required listen. Joan Wulff is incredibly effervescent, and April’s interaction with her is equally charming. This episode is an example of this particular type of podcast at its best: no slow spots, no needless chatter.  There is some technical and fishing information, but it is the vital and personal cultural value that really comes through that we should all appreciate.

Fly Fishing Consultant Podcast Life History of the Smallmouth Bass

Rob Snowhite mixes his biology background with his guiding experience with his research to create a fun and educational “lecture” on this underappreciated fish. This was released at the tail-end of spring, but is perfectly suited for this season and the present opportunities for chasing bronzebacks. You’re going to be surprised at some of the scientific data on these ubiquitous fish, and it may very well alter the way you fly fish for them.

Orvis Fly Fishing Guide PodcastWhere Can I Legally Fish and Where Am I Trespassing?

Tom Rosenbauer  interviews Land Tawney, CEO of Backcountry Hunters and Anglers. Their discussion focuses on western waters, but is still a timely and  important issue that all anglers (and outdoors-people) could be better aware of. As land and land rights become hotly contested, fly fishers will inevitably be impacted in significant ways. A good first step in being prepared for being above board is just having some general awareness, and this conversation will do that.


 Sure, you’d rather be fishing than listening to fishing. But make the most of the time in your commute to work or the stream, mowing your lawn, or even doing semi-mindless tasks at the office. And, if what you hear is agreeable to you, let the podcasters and the rest of the world know by rating them in iTunes.

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