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Fly Fishing Podcasts Worth Listening To, part IV

It could be said that I overthink road trips. I know what route I’ll be taking, what I’ll be wearing, where I’ll stop to eat, and what I plan on listening to while I drive. Call it crazy; it works for me.

As I anticipate heading up to New Jersey for the Somerset Fly Fishing Show, I have already thought through most of these things. Included in this is what will be coming out the Subaru’s speakers while I head up I-95.  If you’ve been with this site for a while, you know that I am a podcast fan.

This return to creative radio has been a  blessing to tedious commutes and hours spent mowing the lawn.  There is a lot out there – and a lot of good stuff, to boot. I’m offering up  a selection of episodes that I’ve listened to over the past few months that you might be interested in.

Also, if you do listen  and enjoy what you hear; subscribe to and rate these podcasts. A lot more goes into getting them online and to you than just talking into a recorder, and an earned five-star review is a simple way to say “thanks.”

2 Guys and a River One Fine Day on the Gardner River (parts I & II)

Part of the fun of listening to  Steve and Dave is their banter and genuine appreciation of the experience of getting out fly fishing. And, as you’ll definitely hear in this two-parter, getting out fly fishing together. They do have an episode where they discuss the  benefits of a fishing buddy, but the dialogue here exemplifies them. Once again, this is a great series for you to get a friend who is a beginner to subscribe to on their podcast catcher.

Anchored with April Vokey
Mark Johnstad – Mongolia

Since I started fly fishing, I’ve thought that taimen were amazing creatures. Their size and ferocity are so un-trout like, that they captivate so many anglers. It wasn’t until I watched some nature documentaries that I really was fascinated by Mongolia and the greater ecosystem that the taimen live in. April talks a little fishing and a lot of  conservation with Mark Johnstad, and it is a great listen. I guarantee you’ll hop online to check out some pictures and videos of this amazing place when you’re done.

Fly Fishing Consultant Podcast Chagrin River Outfitters | Fly Fishing North East Ohio

The culture of Lake Erie tributary fishing in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York is unique. Big fish, small rivers, and lots of people. LOTS of people. Rob sits down with shop owner Dan Pribanic to get a survey of the fishing; including the fish, the gear, the anglers, and the best local eateries. You can never learn too much about great lakes steelhead, and this episode gives you a real pro’s perspective on everything that goes into chasing rust belt chrome.

The Itinerant Angler Podcast  All the Trout in the World with Chris Newton

Anglers often take for granted that some of their most prized quarry have come from somewhere else. Salmonids, in particular, have  been shipped all over the world. The motivations, successes, and failures of the brown trout’s journey are some of the topics covered in this interview by Zach Matthews. His guest, Chris Newton, has researched and written a book on trout called  The Trout’s Tale: The Fish that Conquered an Empire. Newton shares some fascinating details about trout, and whets your appetite to learn more.

Orvis Fly Fishing Guide PodcastTactical Fly-Fishing Techniques with Jesse Haller

“Use a different colored ‘hot spot’ so you can quickly tell the difference between differently weighted flies.” Tips like that are great for employing some of the most cutting edge competitive nymphing tactics in your own time on the water. Sometimes the verbiage of the industry can move past most fly fishers, and this podcast is a nice primer if you are interested in the hooks, tying techniques, and patterns that are catching lots of trout.


If you’re  interested in some other recommended episodes from the shows listed above, or want to check out some of the other shows I like, take a quick look at:

Do you have a favorite fly fishing podcast? Let us know in the comments below!

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