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(Even More!) Fly Fishing Podcasts

Ideally, at some time this summer you’ll be cruising down the highway towards some  spectacular stretch of water. Whatever is coming through the radio will just be one more part of the whole; another side of the multi-faceted  experience that is a satisfactory fishing excursion.

…or, you might be stuck in traffic. On the way home from work, headed toward the beach, etc. Not as fun. Here, listening to something pleasant and entertaining might just keep you from steering into a guardrail.

Irrespective to the quality of your drive, you’ll want something good on in the background. If you’ve read Casting Across much, you’re probably aware that I’m a big proponent of fly fishing podcasts. A good story, interview, or bit of witty repartee isn’t easy  to A) put together for online consumption, and B) sustain for any period of time.

I’ve talked to some of the leading voices using the medium today, and have given some of my recommendations for a selection of my favorite podcasts. Today, I’d like to add three more titles to the list of  fly fishing series to which I subscribe.  Check out my quick take on each podcast and a suggested “starting point” episode.


The DrakeCast

I received an email last week from Elliott Adler, the voice of the DrakeCast. He  encouraged me to listen to the brand new  (June 2017) series, and let him know what I thought. In short, I like it. If you’re at all familiar with the publication The Drake, the style of this podcast will be no surprise to you. It reminds me of so many other, popular podcasts in it’s narrative style. Which is new and different in the fly fishing podcast community. The episodes are short, easy to hop into, and just a fun look at some of the people and places that make fly fishing what it is.

Check out: “S. Carey” The inaugural release of The DrakeCast!

Fish on the Brain

A good interview can be a compelling listen. Tim Evans has amassed quite the catalog of  conversations in the nearly two years that he’s been making Fish on the Brain. He does a good job balancing question and answer time with legitimate dialogue, which creates an organic feel for the listener.  Tim is often on location, so his back-and-forth has that frame of reference that is a perfect go-between for the audience and the expert that he is featuring.

Check out: “Iceland Brown Trout Talk with Gunnar” Iceland seems to be picking up momentum as a destination, and this is a chat that will encourage you to look into the trip even more.

Trout Porn

I’ll be completely honest: I steered clear of this one for a while because I didn’t want “Trout Porn” popping up all over my iPhone to be seen and taken out of context. Then I had some industry guys I trust tout the series, so I gave it a listen. It is worth the subscription. The crew is down to earth, loves fly fishing, and is all about sharing their passion for the sport. There is an authenticity and comfort to the shows that makes you feel like you’re listening to friends talk fishing in the lodge.

Check out:  “Day one of the Fly Fishing Rendezvous” Industry talk is fun, and a reminder that those who are in fly fishing for a living are still all about fly fishing!


Do you have a favorite fly fishing podcast and/or podcast episode? Share it with us in the comments below!

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