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Fly Fishing Gear: 3 Things I Use Every Time

Better gear doesn’t make a fly fisher good. But good gear makes fishing better.

And good gear doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

Whether you’ve been fly fishing for decades or you’re just getting started, there are some inexpensive items out there that will help streamline your experience on the water. Organization and expediency are two things that anyone can improve. Regardless of if you use a thousand dollar fly rod or a big box-store beater, the little things that surround the actual fishing can make a big difference.

Here are three pieces of gear that I’ve incorporated into virtually all of my fly fishing:

Appalachian Furled Leader Company – Furled Leaders

I like playing around with leader formulas. Whether it be for presenting delicate dry flies, chucking heavy bass poppers, or configuring a multi-faceted nymph rig, it is fun to configure various materials and diameters. But since I’ve started fishing Appalachian Furled Leader Company’s leaders, I find myself going back to just using a furled leader and a straight shot of tippet over and over again. From their Blue Line leader for mountain brookies to their fluorocarbon Big Meat leader for stripers, I use their furled leaders in every fly fishing application. ($10.00 – $15.00)

The Fly Trap – Fly Trap XLT Pro Series

Although I have a handful of tools and stacks of tippet spools, I have one set of gear that I prefer. By putting it all on the Fly Trap Pro Series, I have exactly the gear I want regardless of what pack I’m using. By clipping it on my sling, backpack, or waders, I’ve got all my vital fly fishing tools (and flies) at the ready. Incredibly customizable and versatile, I have one set up for trout and one for bass/saltwater. ($14.50)

Pirate Fly Fishing – Pirate’s Fly Patch

The interior of my car is already filthy and disorganized. The last thing I need is to lose flies, have flies get stuck in the upholstery, or snag my waders on a rogue fly. By clipping the Pirate’s Fly Patch to a panel in the car, all my flies have a place to live. Whether it be drying out wet patterns or simply serving as a storage spot, the dense foam holds everything from midges to meaty salt streamers. ($28.00)

To top it off, all three companies are run by stand-up people. Head to their websites, check out their gear, and give them a try. Tell them you heard about their products on Casting Across!

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