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A Fly Fishing Party & You’re Invited

Today marks three years of  Casting Across!

For three years I’ve been writing about the quarry of fly fishing: fish, rivers, and personal achievements. I’ve been writing about  the culture of fly fishing: literature, podcasts, and gear. The people, places, and things  are as much a part of Casting Across as I am. It is fun to  tell stories and share knowledge and attempt to be funny all within the same theme, It is even more fun when it spills over the edges of a website and into real rivers and restaurants.

Through Casting Across, I’ve been able to form some great relationships. I appreciate comments, emails, and social media chirps – and I do my very best to respond right away. I’d probably still write if no one was reading… but having people read makes it that much better.

Also, I’ve had a chance to collaborate with some amazing people who represent the best of what is out there in the industry. Some of these companies have graciously offered up some of their gear for a giveaway. To celebrate three years of Casting Across, to say thank you for reading, and to spread my writing to a wider audience, I was able to  give away hundreds of dollars worth of flies, leaders, packs, and more to ten winners.

Here are the 10 packages I gave away, and who won:

  • Appalachian Furled Leader Co.
    • Furled Leaders: All-Purpose, Big Meat (flouro), Big Meat (mono), Blue Line,  Euro Hybrid, & Mountain Wax (2)
  • Fly Trap
    • XLT Fly Trap & XLT Fly Trap with 2 replacement cylinders for each (2)
  • Pirate Fly Fishing
    • Pirate’s Fly Patch, T-Shirt (large), & Hat
  • Postfly
    • 3 month regular subscription
    • Postfly swag box
  • Risen Fly Fishing
    • Icthus  Reel (3/4), large and small waterproof silicone boxes
  • Vedavoo
    • Tightlines  Sling
    • Netster & Rod Holster

Here are the winners:

Check back soon!

Thanks for three great years, and I’m looking forward to the future of Casting Across!

This contest was free to enter and made possible by Casting Across and the companies represented above. All winners were  drawn randomly. Please direct any questions here.


  1. Mike & Sandy Miller says:

    Well wishes to 3 yrs. We enjoy yor articles which bring back memories of our younger fishing days. Keep up the writing because there is always some new or young person who will check out your posts and become a life long fly guy or gal.

  2. Maggie says:

    New person speaking here…and a flygal for as long as i can!!! Thanks for the inspiration and sharing your fly fishing wisdom! Happy 3 years..and many more to come!

  3. Bruce says:

    I’ve been listening to (and catching up on) ‘2 Guys and a River’ podcasts… and really enjoying them. Then I heard of ‘Casting Across’ on Season 3 Episode 7, so I thought I would come & check it out. I guess now I’ll be doing some reading as well.
    I started fly fishing and fly tying about a year ago… a little late in life, but better late than never. So much to learn, so much information out there.
    Looking forward to what insights (and information) you provide. I need all the help I can get!

  4. Keith says:

    Congrats on 3 years of sharing your knowledge and experiences. Hope someday the fish get out of your way so you can catch some flies.

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