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Prime Last Minute Fly Fishing Gifts

Want some great last-minute fly fishing gifts? Want them in your hands in less than three days? Want to make all of this  happen without leaving the comfort of wherever you currently are?


Obligatory Disclaimer:

You shouldn’t wait until the last minute to buy gifts. It adds stress to an already stressful time and, more importantly, sucks some of the joy away from the occasion.

But it happens. To all of us.


Obligatory Disclaimer 2:

Fly shops are worth patronizing. You’re going to have to drive. You might pay a small percentage more for the same product than you would if you just hopped on the internet. But good fly shops are staffed by friendly, knowledgeable, helpful people. No internet ever gave my kids a few free flies or hosted a get-together.

But every once in a we get in  a pinch. We aren’t close to a shop, and we need a gift in two days.


So we can all agree that we should be proactive, loyal fly shop customers? Good.

Okay, now on to plan B:

Here are some excellent fly fishing gifts that are incredibly useful, of high quality, and, at the time of writing, Amazon Prime eligible.

Fishing & Tying Tools – Loon Outdoors

I’ve recently upgraded my fly tying tools to Loon Outdoors gear. It is amazing what a  difference better makes over good. Anyone can use another pair of nippers, forceps, or scissors. If he or she has been really good, perhaps they need a new UV flashlight or the Nip n’ Sip 2.0. ($5-$90)

Flyfisher’s Guide  – Wilderness Adventure Press

From New England to the west coast, and everywhere in between, there is a Fly FIsher’s Guide for wherever you fish. Or, maybe for a fun gift – somewhere that special someone might want to fish someday. These books get updated every few years, and the newest versions are large-format, full-color publications. As I recently mentioned on the podcast, these books often provide more and better content than the internet can. ($25-$30)

Bottle Opener Belt – Wingo Outdoors

Who doesn’t need a fish-print nylon belt with a bottle opener integrated into the buckle? Wingo’s gear looks good and works great, and it a lot of fun for a fly fisher to wear. This specific belt comes in brown trout, brook trout, rainbow trout, tarpon, and grand slam prints. ($35)

Fly Boxes – Tacky Fishing

You know how you fill the space that you have? The same is true with fly boxes. A fly box given will be a fly box filled and used. Amazon sells 6 sizes of Tacky boxes, from their Predator box all the way down to the Tacky Tube. Regardless of how the people on your list fish, you’ll find a great fly box for them from Tacky. ($15-$50)

Complete Fly Rod Combos – Redington

Whether you are looking to get somebody into fly fishing (Crosswater), are upgrading someone’s gear (VICE), or want to introduce a child to the sport (Minnow), Redington is a great choice. To be able to get everything that someone needs to start fly fishing in a matter of a few days is a great thing for them and for you. ($150-$240)


Obligatory Disclaimer 3:

The prices on the items above will inevitably change, as will their Prime-eligible status. I still think that you should buy this stuff for others and yourself.

And, all things being equal, you should buy them ahead of time from your local fly shop.


  1. JZ says:

    Small local fly shops are run by people who embrace the sport. Their keen knowledge of tactics, conditions and environment can only help anglers in success. The gear they sell is more than adequate to get the job done. From beginner to expert, they will share advice to put better odds in your favor. I often pick-up flies, tippet, hats, shirts, books and even art at some of the shops frequented. The guys or gals behind the counter are a dying breed that need supported. I often relate to the people that work in these shops on some kindred spirit level, lol. Perhaps because fishing is what these people are about. They are caring individuals in regards to the angling and the resource in a refined way. I would raise a glass to the owners and the fly-bums that work there any day of the week! Cheers and thanks for making water more enjoyable for all of us everywhere..

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