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New Page: Small Stream Fly Rods

Generally on Casting Across, I write what I want to write about. But I still look to see what takes;  what catches people’s eyes.

In the last year I’ve noticed that one subject has received a lot of attention. Last April I wrote a post on the perfect small stream fly rod. In December, I recorded a podcast covering the same subject matter. Both have been popular. Each receives numerous reads/downloads every day.

I chalk it up to three things:

  • Fly fishers spend a lot of time on mountain brooks and spring creeks
  • Fly fishers like gear reviews
  • Fly fishers who are serious about fishing small streams want any advantage they can get

With all of this in mind, I created a new page on Casting Across:

Small Stream Fly Rods

It is meant to be a dynamic catalog of fly rods that I consider to be a worth picking up if someone is looking to buy a small stream specific fly rod. I explain what my “small stream fly rod” criteria are. Then, I give a brief review/synopsis of the rod series. I list the material, action, models available, and price range. Added to that, I present what I consider to be the scenario(s) in which the rod really excels. Lastly, I link to a more comprehensive review on Casting Across.

I anticipate that this list will grow. There are already a few rods that I plan to add. As of the release of the page, there are currently four rod series. They range in action (slow to fast) and price ($180-$700). More importantly, they cater to different fly fishing preferences.

Take a look a the rods I have suggested by clicking on this link  or the image in the right sidebar.  Also, let me know what your favorite small stream fly rod is in the comments below.

Thanks, and I hope you enjoy chasing trout in these exciting (but small) fisheries!



  1. Chuck Marshall says:

    Orvis superfine carbon fiber rod. I fish the 8’ 4wt on spring creeks in the driftless. Slow action, delicate presentation but plenty of power for dry flies.

    • Matthew says:

      I don’t doubt it one bit. I absolutely loved the Superfine series from the 1990s.
      Since they’ve relaunched the Superfine, I’ve only fished the glass rods in the “traditional” trout weights. And they’re great.
      So, if someone up in VT happens to think I need to weigh in on the Superfine Carbon… 🙂

  2. Robert W Van Brunt says:

    My small stream rod is a 20yr old. Glastech, built by Dennis Franke
    6′ one piece, 1.5 oz Parametric 4/5wt with a Medalist 1492

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