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My Top Fly Fishing Podcasts

Living in the greater Boston area, most places I have to drive to are relatively close to each other. As the crow flies. Travel time is a different story. The old cow paths and trade routes of the north shore turn a lot of destinations into “you-can’t-get-there-from-here” propositions. Thankfully there are numerous secondary routes to avoid the stop and go routine of the highways.

And although I love music, sports talk, and talking to myself as much as the next guy, I’ve really taken a shine to podcasts. I have a few history podcasts that I love, and also a handful that are work related. Some of the ones that I look forward to the most pertain to fly fishing.

A while ago I Googled “best fly fishing podcasts,” and I didn’t find a single page that gave me the kind of information I was looking for. So, I’m going to share the kind of information I was looking for.

Here are my five favorite fly fishing podcasts. Honestly, there are no real surprises. They all have lots of listeners, and frequently make their way around iTunes’ Top Charts. But they deserve it, and the men and women that create them work hard to put together a good product.

The images will take you to the podcast’s website, and I’ve included a link to an episode that I’ve enjoyed. The list is alphabetical, and I have not received any compensation for my endorsement.


         Anchored with April Vokey

It is infrequent that you find a journalist that can ask good, worthwhile questions. April Vokey isn’t a journalist, and she asks great questions. The guests that she features are excellent “gets.” I’ll listen even if the subject matter doesn’t seem thrilling, knowing that Vokey will take the conversation in an interesting direction.

Suggested episode:  Lani Walker – Steelhead, Fame, the Plane Crash

         Fly Fishing Consultant Podcast

This one is fun for me, as I worked with Rob Snowhite for a few years at Orvis. His conversational style is unique, and he talks to his audience like fishing buddies. The content ranges from personal stories to fish/ecology profiles to looks at the fly fishing scene. Snowhite’s excitement for the sport and for the community is contagious.

Suggested episode:  Rust Belt Steelhead with Art Noglak

          The Itinerant Angler Podcast

Zach Matthews’ extensive back catalog of interviews with industry fixtures and newcomers alike provides a look into every nook and cranny of fly fishing. Short, structured, and concise, these podcasts are accessible and easy to get into the habit of listening to. Experiencing the culture of the sport is often about appreciating perspective, and Matthews’ diverse guest list definitely accomplishes that.

Suggested episode:  From Scratch  with Vedavoo’s Scott Hunter

          The Orvis Fly Fishing Guide Podcast

Tom Rosenbauer’s Prospecting for Trout has been a must-read because of its value for beginners, experts, and everyone in between. His Orvis podcast is in the same vein, setting the standard in the “tips n’ tricks” niche. It goes well beyond that: gear reviews and suggestions, destination overviews, and Q&A give the show a wide appeal.

Suggested episode:  Stillwater Tips with Bill  Reed

Tenkara Cast - a podcast about tenkara fly-fishing          Tenkara Cast

The most specialized podcast on the list, Daniel Galhardo focuses on his passion: Tenkara. Galhardo and Tenkara USA have been at the forefront of the rapid emergence of this Japanese tackle and technique in Western fly fishing. The show is great, as it covers the how and the why of fishing. If you fish Tenkara, it’s the authority. If you’re just interested or fish traditional western tackle, the host is engaging and provides an alternative look at pursuing fish.

Suggested episode:  Tenkara Techniques – an overview


Podcasts can be a great way to learn or simply pass the time. For those who fly fish, they can provide a way to “be on the stream.” Even if it is while sitting in traffic.

What are your favorite podcasts?

Check out a post from January 29th, 2016 with some new episode selections and two new podcasts. It can be found here.


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