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Hashtag Fly Fishing

The hashtag is a funny thing. I think that most of us resent the concept to a certain degree, but ultimately appreciate how the things can sum up a lot in a few letters. And it isn’t all #yolo anymore, as every corner of social media has their set of hashtags and language.

Fly fishing is no different. The needles of Twitter and Instagram move based upon the content posted by users, but it is the skillful and prolific use of hashtags that garners an audience.

If you’re a beginner, and are frustrated that your amazing 20-inch trout pic isn’t getting hundreds of heart-taps, you might need to up your hashtag game. I’m no expert on all of this stuff, but from observing the trending trends I’ve put together a bit of a primer.

Use some (or all) of these, and I guarantee that you’ll get at least the same amount of likes and followers as you currently are seeing.

#flyfishing This one is obvious. You’re letting everyone on the interwebs know that this picture, pithy statement, or link has to do with fly fishing. It might be a selfie with your cat, but you have your Rep Your Water hat on, so #flyfishing.

#catchandrelease Because if you don’t use this hashtag, people will automatically assume that you’re into #killitandgrillit or something like that. Very un-#flyfishing.

#thetugisthedrug Does it rhyme? Is it hip? Can it be considered edgy? Yes on all three fronts. I don’t see a lot of the 40+ crowd using this one. Or getting cute with hashtags at all, for that matter.

#fluefiske Do you know who loves fly fishing? The Norwegians. Do you know that they have their very own hashtag? Plenty of non-Norwegians use it. Probably because it looks and sounds cool.

#tightlines Ah, the “sincerely” of fly fishing correspondences. We throw this around so much, that it has lost its meaning. “Tight lines” means good luck, thank you, good bye, and who knows what else. But #slacklines make for a better drift – where’s the love?

#(insertfishspecies)onthefly Carp, catfish, dace, you name it. Anyone can catch the wiliest of fish using bait or lures, but the particular specimen in question was caught using a fly and fly rod. So there.

#dryfly If your content isn’t being given the credit it is due, even though you’ve been fly fishing, it is time to take things to the next level. Streamers and nymphs are cheating. #dryfly lets the world know that you’re a patient, skilled tactician of the piscatorial arts.

#tenkara You’re long since cast aside silly crutches like reels and being able to adjust the length of your line. Like the marlin I caught? Well, what if you knew that I… #billfishonthefly #dryfly #tenkara’d it?

#fishporn If you’re disappointed in what you see when following this hashtag, then gross.

#troutbum See above.

#radipose Kind of like what someone looking for pictures of “trout bums” might actually want to see.

#findyourwater I’ve always taken this as the response to hot-spotting. “You see this picture? I found a place I like to fish. So… why don’t you go and do the same? Somewhere else. #getoffmylawn”

#keepemwet This is a worthy enough endeavor. There isn’t any reason to take your second or seventh steelhead of the day out of the water for a series of glory shots. However, do make sure that the fish is indeed wet when you throw this one under the picture. #keepthemmostlywet doesn’t have the same effect.

#fishflopfriday This is where you acknowledge that the fish has decided that you should be practicing #keepemwet.

#glassisnotdead Cameron Mortenson’s Fiberglass Manifesto is a fixture on the blog scene. It also is the full measure of the #glassisnotdead hashtag. Fishing with fiberglass? #glassisnotdead. Building a rod from a bright Blue Halo blank? #glassisnotdead. Retweeting Fiberglass Manifesto? #glassisnotdead. Just to be clear: glass itself is inorganic, but the concept of fiberglass as a fly fishing medium is alive and well.

#(insertbrandhere) Want to know what gear I use? #orvis #vedavoo #cortlandline #troutlife #basspro #streamworks #douglasoutdoors #underarmor #sheetzrun #walmartsweatpants #fruitoftheloom #degreemens #dovesoap #someonepleasefolloworretweetorlikeme #castingacross

#fishing Here, you are (excuse the pun) casting the widest net possible. Maybe, just maybe, a bass fisherman will like your post and follow your account. They won’t know that you tricked them into becoming quasi-affiliated with a fly fisher!

#sodontbelame Okay, so this one is new. It was a collaborative effort between myself and an Instagram account I follow. And I’m seeing what I can do to make it go virus. (You heard me.) Do you want to be lame? No. So get outside. Fish, hike, paddle – see the world without a hashtag in mind. Then later go to town with a smartphone full of pictures.

What are your #favorite #flyfishing #hashtags?

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