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Podcast Ep. 5: Why You Should Fish the Ozarks

Arkansas might not seem like a premier angling destination.

But if you’ve heard of the enormous browns, the beautiful rivers, and… the delicious Southern cooking, you know that the Ozarks is one of the most unique fly fishing spots in the USA.

I caught my first trout in Arkansas. That experience, and a whole lot more that followed, made rivers like the Little Red and the White an important part of my fly fishing history. The miles of river and the quantity of fish are truly mind boggling. Plus, you can probably fish however you want – nymphs, midges, or huge streamers.

In this episode, I give a brief overview of the major tailwaters and make a case for why you should fish the Ozarks.

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Want more information on the Little Red River? Check out this article.

Episode Recommendation: Wilderness Adventure Press

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  1. Sam says:

    Hi Matt,
    I thought I would see some printed information below the “Why you should fish the Ozarks” podcast, but I don’t. Is it me or did the remaining text get left off? I clicked on the highlighted “Wilderness Adventure Press” text and get a “.gz” file download, however that doesn’t seem to want to open.
    Thanks in advance,

    • Matthew says:

      Hi Sam,
      I’m sorry about the link – it looks like their main website was having an issue. I reassigned my hotlink to their Fly Fisher’s Guide page.
      And no extra text… just the links.

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