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Podcast Ep. 9: Gear for Small Stream Trout – How & What

You can catch fish with virtually any and all gear.

That being said, there are certain kinds of gear that are especially suited for specific scenarios. Small stream trout fishing is no exception. Beyond what kind of gear you bring, how you carry it is particularly important.

In this episode I discuss some of the packing/carrying techniques that I have adopted that make my time fly fishing small streams more efficient and effective.

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I mentioned I have really nice nippers in the podcast. This is what I was talking about.

Episode Recommendation: Fly Trap Fly Holder  – Pick one up at your local fly shop, or from the good people at Feather-Craft.

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  1. Bill T. says:

    Good stuff! I was keeping a mental list while listening of stuff that I wanted to add but you pretty much touched all the bases! I completely agree about the backpack when fishing small mountain streams, I have used a sling pack and just found it to be the wrong kind of bag for the situation. 3 things I would add, a whistle. I pick up the little flat plastic ones whenever I see them for free, If you ever fish with someone on a small mountain stream and try to shout to them, you will find out how much the water drowns out your voice, just imagine breaking a leg or worse and trying to shout to someone a half mile away! I keep mine on a shoulder strap so I don’t have to remove my pack or move my body much to get a hold of it, safety first after all. Second is a set of two way radios if you like to fish with a partner, as stated before, trying to shout over a stream is not very much fun. Lastly is a small stove, they are so small and light these days and combined with a little stainless mug (like $5 at wallyworld), you can drop it in the bottom of your pack and pretty much forget about it. Sometimes a stream-side cup of coffee/tea or some Ramen can really get you going for the afternoon (granola bars just don’t warm you up). If fires are allowed where you are fishing, all the better! Hard to beat a little campfire to heat you up on a cold day, just gotta be mindful of rock scarring and other negative remnants of an open fire.

    Thanks for the great podcast, keep them coming!

    • Matthew says:

      Yes! I always have a whistle, as there is one molded into the buckle of my pack.
      And I totally blanked on mentioning a small stove. I agree that having a stream-side coffee is divine.

  2. Stephen says:

    Hey Matthew more good stuff as always. I use a combo fishing vest / pack from LL Bean that has seem to have served me well. Lots of pockets which I like and a sewn in day pack on the back for your lunch, rain jacket, etc.

    Used it to hike up into alpine lakes outside of Gunnison and also at Rocky Mountain National Park so pretty decent efforts and had no issues.

    Not pushing there stuff but here’s a link if anyone is interested – this one is actually a newer model of what I have.


    Tight lines,


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