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Podcast Ep. 21: Tips to Follow for Fly Fishing Leaders

In my experience, some fly fishers either care way too much about leaders. Most don’t care enough.

Fussing over the exact number of centimeters of 4X you need for a certain taper might be overkill. But simply looping on a knotless, tapered leader and using it until it won’t fit through your fly’s eye isn’t the way to go either.

In this episode I share a handful of easy, no-nonsense tips for a middle path to using leaders. With only a little bit of energy and effort, you can improve your presentation while also understanding how different components make your leader and fly “do” different things.

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  1. Dwyne R Patrick says:

    Furled and new tippet as needed. Did my own for years, but now good ones can be bought. Oh and I get most if not all of a season from one (but I keep a short a long and a spare in the vest).

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