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Podcast Ep. 13: Finding Your Own Water

When was the last time you found new water to fish?

I don’t mean flipping through a fly fishing guidebook or following the stocking truck. Have you ever gone out with map in hand, located water, and fished it? Doing this can be much more rewarding than catching fish. We don’t get to do a lot of exploration in the 21st century. But for those who are willing, a little bit of work can pay off.

In this episode I share a few stories and give a few things to think about when it comes to searching for water to fish.

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Here is an article from a while ago on the topic. I’m a little less strict in the definition of what “finding water” means in it, but I think it is still worth your time.

Episode Recommendation: About Trout, by Dr. Robert Behnke

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