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Casting Across 3 Year Giveaway Winners

So who won the ten prize packages from the Casting Across 3  Year Giveaway?

It is true that giving is better than receiving. I get a lot of gear, which is nice. But being able to send off these ten packages in the mail was a lot of fun. Plus, I fish with all of the gear that I gave away, so I know that the winners are going to truly enjoy what they get. (I don’t fish with the exact gear I give away… you know what I mean,)

As I’ve written about ad nauseam, gear is inseparable from fly fishing. Sharing good gear is a cool way to share fly fishing with people I only know through comment sections and social media. In a way, mailing these leaders, fly boxes, stickers, etc. to ten spots around the country is a tangible manifestation of what happens when I hit publish every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday on Casting Across.

Anyway, all that probably isn’t why you’re here today.

Here are the 10 prizes I gave away, and who won:

  • Appalachian Furled Leader Co.
    • Furled Leaders: All-Purpose, Big Meat (flouro), Big Meat (mono), Blue Line,  Euro Hybrid, & Mountain Wax
      • Dwyne P. – Steinbach, MB
      • Dean W. – Westford, MA
  • Fly Trap
    • XLT Fly Trap & XLT Fly Trap with 2 replacement cylinders for each
      • Kevin C. – Fitchburg, MA
      • Daniel S. – Turlock, CA
  • Pirate Fly Fishing
    • Pirate’s Fly Patch, T-Shirt, & Hat
      • Kenneth G. – Bonito Springs, FL
  • Postfly
    • 3 month regular subscription
      • Philip S. – Clarksburg, WV
    • Postfly swag box
      • Travis K. – Lebanon, OR
  • Risen Fly Fishing
    • Icthus  Reel (3/4), large and small waterproof silicone boxes
      • Simon S. – Grafton, WV
  • Vedavoo
    • Tightlines  Sling
      • Cole M. – Forest, VA
    • Netster & Rod Holster
      • Jean T. – Hackettstown, NJ

A huge thank you to the ten winners, the hundreds of participants, and the great companies that contributed. Most of all, I want to express my appreciation to everyone who reads, interacts with, and shares what I write.


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