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VIDEO: Which Vedavoo Pack Should I Get?

With very few exceptions, I fish with Vedavoo packs. For a few years now, I have found these USA-made fly fishing slings to be the most versatile and user-friendly storage option while I’m on the water.

That being said, there is no such thing as one pack that can do it all. So, I bought two Vedavoo slings: the Tightlines Deluxe and the Beast. Each has moments where they shine, and with both packs in my arsenal I haven’t run into a situation where I have felt unprepared.

A question that I’ve heard a number of times, both online and in person, is this:¬†I see you fish Vedavoo packs… which one should I get?

That is a great question, and if you don’t want to just dive in and buy two packs (which is totally reasonable) there are some parameters that you can look at to determine which pack is right for you.

Here is a short video in which I show off the packs,  discuss when and how I use them, and also wave my hands around a lot:

Want to check out some in-depth product videos, see the Seam pack, and buy something from Vedavoo yourself? Head over to their website.

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