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VIDEO: $10 Car Fly Rod Storage

Although taking your time while fly fishing is important, there isn’t any reason you need to be slow getting to that point.

If you like to  show up to the river with rods assembled and lined, have multiple rods, or plan on fishing over the course of a few days, it can be really beneficial to have a storage solution that allows your rods to be put together in your car. If your vehicle’s cabin can accommodate a 9-foot rod, you’ve probably slid the whole rig in at some time. But often this means bending, threading, and otherwise making do with securing your valuable fly rod.

There are plenty of great external rod holders on the market. However, they can be hard to come by, are expensive, or may be prohibitive based upon where you drive or park.

For less than $10, you can get the major component of my fly rod storage solution.

Based upon your vehicle’s dimensions and layout, you’ll probably have to make some modifications to the setup I use in my Subaru. But the concept is relatively easy: secure your rods so they don’t rattle and flex needlessly.  With a little creativity, you can be ready to get on the water quicker.

Check out my $10 car fly rod storage in the video below:

Here is a link to the horizontal rod holder that I used.

Have questions or other ideas for DIY car fly rod storage? Leave a comment below:

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