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Vedavoo: Wading into the Mainstream

The reality is that most fly fishers are not full time, professional fly fishers. We have office jobs, we go to school, and we fill our days with various important responsibilities. Time on the river is so special because it is the exception, not the rule.

That doesn’t mean that the part of us that wants to be on the water isn’t always there. That is what the whole “fly fishing lifestyle” movement is all about. Clothing and accessories that bridge the gap between every day and those special days represent what fly fishing means to us. The brands and imagery that signify the pursuit of fish transcend angling and enter the mainstream of life.

That is precisely what Vedavoo is doing with a product like their Mainstream Messenger Bag.

Vedavoo has made their impact on the fly fishing scene through hand crafted, American made packs and bags. Their slings, such as the Tightlines and the Beast, are lauded for being versatile, functional, and bulletproof.

The very same concept of well-built simplicity that serves fly fishers so well in the field carries over to pieces designed for day-in, day-out use. The Mainstream Messenger Bag is the first product in Vedavoo’s MAINstream line of everyday carryware. Without a doubt, it matches the quality and practicality of the rest of Vedavoo’s offerings.

Like all of their fly fishing packs, the messenger bag has a minimalist open main compartment. There is a padded sleeve that can accommodate a large tablet or MacBook Pro, but otherwise the space affords the freedom to use the bag however you want. Three textbook-sized items could easily fit int the large space.  Two smaller pockets, one on the flap and one on the side of the main compartment, provide plenty of space for smaller items. The cut of the water resistant nylon flap allows access into both of these exterior pockets even while the bag is clipped closed.

Small details like this really make the bag comfortable and ergonomically intuitive. The harness points for the shoulder strap lets the bag swivel slightly as you walk, while the padded strap holds it securely in place on the shoulder. There are water bottle holsters on both sides; to accommodate two bottles or so one can be placed where it is most convenient.

As always with Vedavoo, materials are of the highest quality. The main pack is constructed out of durable, self-healing nylon. This comes in a range of colors that can be customized for each individual build. Moreover, the color used on the inside of the smaller pockets is bright and contrasting to aid in finding small items. The bottle holsters are elasticized to hold vessels of any size. The bottom of the pack uses a new material for Vedavoo. This  semi-rigid vinyl provides more water resistance and stability when the bag is set down.

The Mainstream Messenger Bag is a perfect carry solution for work, school, or general use. It certainly can get the job done, and will do so while taking care of all the little details – in style. Furthermore, the bag has the look and feel of a Vedavoo pack: for those who fish, it dovetails with the fly fishing lifestyle.

A messenger bag produced by a fly fishing company isn’t going to turn a day in the classroom or cubicle into a day on the water. Yet if you need a reliable bag, why not get one which happens to be put together by a  business that also makes fly fishing gear?  Vedavoo evokes the imagery of being on the river or in the surf, and carrying that on your hip everyday is a great way to stay connected until that becomes a reality again.


To check out more of the Mainstream Messenger Bag, or anything else in Vedavoo’s  new and updated product line, head over to their website.


  1. I became a big fan of Vedavoo several years ago. I had a messenger bag from another company that was terribly uncomfortable because of the shoulder strap. I contacted them and asked if they would consider doing something about the strap biting into the shoulder and neck. Nothing-so I contacted Scott at Vedavoo and asked to try one for a review. I’ve never looked back. My Tightlines Slingpack is the best buy on the market and I won’t switch!

  2. CARF says:

    Big fan of the V…uhmm yeah. Big fan of Vedavoo, and the V. Really digging that messenger bag and your review of it. Fantastic photographs, as well.

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