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Three Months Out: Plan On The Fly Fishing Show

What do you have planned for three months from now? I can assure you that you have a lot planned for the time between today and three months from now. The last major fall fishing trips, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and everything that goes along with the holiday season is coming up in the next 90 days. After that, the winter doldrums really kick in for most of the country. So what should you do?

As a fly fisher, there is an easy answer: fly to the Bahamas for some bonefish.

There is also another less expensive and less time consuming option: go to The Fly Fishing Show.

With dates in venues across the country, The Fly Fishing Show is an annual tradition that gets penned into the calendars of anglers young and old. It isn’t a fishing trip, but it is the kind of mid-winter day or weekend that feeds into and fuels fishing trips to come. Checking out new gear, buying “last year’s” models at closeout prices, and talking to reps gets you thinking about what you need to be prepared for the spring. Listening to seminars, watching professional fly tyers, and getting casting tips will help you use what you bought to be prepared for the spring. And the numerous lodges and guides with date planners open will gladly take your reservation so you have something in the spring to prepare for.

Of course there are plenty of quality fly fishing options  close to some of The Fly Fishing Show’s stops, Even in the winter, there are spring creeks around Lancaster and tail waters just outside of Atlanta that will fish well. Some might see that day on the water as worth much more than a day in a convention hall. That prioritization is perfectly fine for some, but many see the advantages listed above as significant enough to spend some time off the water.

I’ve had plenty of interactions with fly fishers across the country in February or March where the sentiment was “I  really wanted to go to the Show this year, but I just got busy with [good activity that could be done the next day]. I need to plan on going next year.” So, now is your chance! Get it on the calendar; even get a jump on booking your hotel room if you have to drive a longer distance.

Heading to the tropics to stalk fish on the flats is a spectacular winter option. For the vast majority of the fly fishing culture, that isn’t a realistic option unless it is won as a door prize at an event like The Fly Fishing Show. Whether your name is called or not,  spending the day with friends and like-minded anglers is a day well spent – and a day worth planning on.


Much more about The Fly Fishing Show will be coming in the next few months, so stay tuned.

This year I plan on being at the Marlborough and Edison Shows. It would be great to meet readers of Casting Across!

2018 Season for The Fly Fishing Show

  • Denver, CO: January 5, 6, & 7
  • Marlborough, MA: January 19, 20, & 21
  • Edison, NJ: January 26, 27, & 28
  • Atlanta, GA: February 2 & 3
  • Lynnwood, WA: February 17 & 18
  • Pleasanton, CA: February 23, 24, & 25
  • Lancaster, PA: March 3 & 4


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