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The Casting Across Fly Fishing Podcast

Today I’m introducing the Casting Across Fly Fishing Podcast.

Fly fishing podcasts are something I’ve written about frequently. I have learned a lot from listening to them. More importantly, I enjoy them. Through the ten articles that have appeared thus far, I have sent hundreds and hundreds of Casting Across readers to the following podcasts.

Rob Snowhite’s Fly Fishing Consultant Podcast is what introduced me to the medium, and I appreciate how he can lecture and give angling play-by-play with ease. Steve Goetz and Dave Mathewson, the guys of 2 Guys and A River, explain the sport very well utilizing their friendly banter.

April Vokey holds amazing interviews with some  remarkable people. Orvis and Tom Rosenbauer do Q&A and industry sit-downs better than anyone. The Drakecast, over too soon, told engaging and pertinent stories. And I’d also be remiss if I didn’t mention The Open Fly Podcast: long gone, but perhaps my favorite in the genre.

I’ll keep listening to those shows – and you should, too. With the Casting Across Fly Fishing Podcast, I intend to do something different.

On the podcast, you’ll hear me discuss the people, places, and things that go into the pursuit of fish in my particular way. This medium gives me the opportunity to revisit  concepts that I’ve  previously written about, and also to touch on the quarry and culture of fly fishing in ways that the written word won’t allow. I get to use inflection. I get to use run-on sentences. I get to restate things I wish I would have said differently. Moreover, I get to potentially expose another audience to Casting Across.

There are four episodes available out of the gate. Each touches on a facet of what, over the past three years, has made Casting Across what it is.

1. Fly Fishing is Trespassing

I revisit one of the most popular posts on Casting Across.

Episode Recommendation: 2 Guys and A River & Rob Snowhite’s Fly Fishing Consultant Podcast

2. The Perfect Small Stream Fly Rod

I walk through the decision making process for picking your perfect small stream fly rod.

Episode Recommendation: Vedavoo Tightlines Sling

3. Fly Fishing in the Winter

I cover three places you can find fish in the winter, and the mindset you’ll need to be in once you get there.

Episode Recommendation: Trout Unlimited Youth Fly Fishing & Conservation Camps

4. A Late Introduction to the Podcast

I finally get around to talking a bit about Casting Across and what the podcast is all about.

Episode Recommendation: Subscribe and follow!

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Thank you for reading Casting Across… and now, for listening as I explore the culture and quarry of fly fishing.


  1. Bruce says:

    I am so glad to hear you are starting a podcast!! It is so mush easier. I listen to various fly fishing podcasts while I am working… can’t stop to read them!

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