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Rusty Flybox: Stuff I Use

I use stuff and I write about the stuff that I use. That isn’t uncommon for outdoor writers, bloggers, and the like. What I don’t see as much (and I wish I did) is updates or follow-ups  regarding product reviews and/or previews.

Today I’m sharing a quick updated word on two of the small but integral products that I’ve been using for nearly a season of fly fishing. Furled leaders from Appalachian Furled Leader Co. and the fly patch from Pirate Fly Fishing have basically been involved in one way or another in all of the fishing that I have been doing since the spring.

Here is the great thing about both of these products: they only cost a few bucks. Check out what I have to say about them today, and then go back and read the original article (the photos below act as links) to get a better overview of what makes these “little” pieces of gear so valuable.

Is there a new or underappreciated yet essential piece of fly fishing paraphernalia that I should know about? Let me know in the comments or contact me through the site!

Appalachian Furled Leader Company – Leader Follower: Fly Fishing Furled Leaders

“These are awesome. I’m hooked.” That was the text I sent to Justin Rose, the owner of Appalachian Furled Leader Co., immediately after getting off the water the day I first used his leaders. Months later, I haven’t wavered in my assessment. While I am not using furled leaders for 100% of my fly fishing, I am using them for nearly all of my trout fishing. All my small stream fishing and nymphing is being done with furled leaders from Appalachian Furled Leader Co. As I allude to in the article, you need to give furled leaders a try. It isn’t hyperbole when I say that they have positively altered my casting more than any other gear has in a long time.

Pirate Fly Fishing – Adventure & Aesthetics

I haven’t had to pull a fly out of the upholstery in my Subaru since February. All of the credit goes to having the Pirate’s Fly Patch from Pirate Fly Fishing clipped onto the trim in the back of my Forester. Sure, it was designed to fit on a visor. However, it fits perfectly in the back of my car and that is where all of my flies get clipped, stored, and reused when I’m fishing. The patch has been stuffed with tiny dries and big saltwater flies over and over again, and is still going strong. This is a piece of gear that you won’t appreciate until you realize how much easier your day-to-day fishing gets as you use it.

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