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Rusty Flybox: Fly Fishing Still Isn’t Funny

I’m closing on a house today. If my math is accurate, I’m committing to spend… a lot of money. So when life hands you lemons (through your own volition, mind you), laugh to get through the stress.

It is a good thing that fly fishing is so easy to laugh at/with. I’ve written it before, and I’ll write it again: you can’t take fly fishing too serious. Sure, people’s livelihoods depend on selling  rods and protecting our watersheds means a lot more than catching fish. But the majority of this little hobby? There is a lot to joke about.

I mean, people argue about what type   of nylon line constitutes fly fishing. Or, what pictures are “legit” on the end-all, be-all of existence: Instagram. This isn’t CSPAN-level seriousness.

So regardless of how much money your are or aren’t spending today, how many fish you  might not catch, or how long you put yourself together before you snap a selfie with a trout, here are three humorous takes on fly fishing:

Hashtag Fly Fishing

Are we at the point yet where something like hashtags have been lambasted enough so that trendy, ironic people will start using them again? Well, they are still alive and well in fly fishing social media. I created a handy guide. If you’re too cool for them, consider it a tool for antiquarian research. The #hashtag actually celebrated a birthday of sorts this week… someone on NPR was talking about it, I #cantrememberthedetails.

IFTD 2017: The Secret Menu

The big news in a little industry usually revolves around new products. The singular place for all that is new and shiny is the International Fly Tackle Dealer show. If you missed heading to Orlando this summer *shudder* then I have you covered. I break down five of the most secret, high-tech, and desirous products never to see the light of reality.

Fly Fishing Stinks: A List

One could make the argument that purposefully misleading post labels that come across as potentially controversial stink. Or that more articles featuring colons in the title stink. But let me tell you, the stinks that I am talking about in this one really stink. And if you don’t think that you stink while fly fishing? Well, your opinion stinks.


Nothing here sound entertaining? Lighten up. Or, check out three more options here.

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