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Rusty Flybox: Fly Fishing – SAD, Not Funny

As fall turns to winter, and with winter comes the cold, dark days, loneliness creeps in.

Not loneliness from people, mind you. You’re going to be surrounded by people. Office parties, community events, family gatherings: you’re going to be sick of people by the time the holidays are over. Loneliness from being apart from fish is what we’re talking about.

How can you cope with Seasonal Angling Disorder (SAD)? Well, you can go freeze your rear end off. If you’re rolling in dough, you can fly to some tropical location. Making appearances and spending money at fishing shows is a good surrogate for real fishing.

Or, you can do what your fly fishing forefathers did: read blogs about trout.

Here are three posts from days gone by to help warm your spirits as the mercury in the thermometer retreats:

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How to Fly Fish During the Holidays… With Family

How do you graciously extract yourself from familial goings-on to get a few hours of fishing in? You could just announce it in the middle of dinner, but that will break grandma’s heart (and this might be her last Christmas! Shame on you…). Here are three excuses, or “good reasons,” for you to employ as you seek to get a few hours on the river.

Angling Bovine Company & Other Fly Fishing CrittersEvery once in a while, or, more often if you are like me, you’ll have seemingly benign wildlife encounters that impact your fishing. I’ve compiled a list of some of the more obnoxious varmints that haunt the same spaces as the fish that we pursue. This isn’t a call for their eradication or even their vilification. It is more of a public service announcement of sorts that there are wild and domesticated animals that might make your day on the water a little bit challenging.

Natural Fly Fishing Etiquette

I’m not advocating violence or actually galloping towards another fly fisherman. Who among us would stick around to see if a bison, or a crazed angler, really means business? That first step should be enough. Another caution with this one: you might get your rod butt handed to you if you stare at the wrong person.


Have a great weekend!


  1. Alan Petrucci says:

    Never heard of “SAD” but I have experienced it.
    Our trout season is still open be access is getting more of a problem.

    • Matthew says:

      Access is rolled into the diagnosis. One of the symptoms is sitting in your car at the river, internally debating about getting out and dealing with the snow and cold.

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