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Last Cast of the Week: Virginia Fly Fishing and Wine Festival

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Today, I’m sharing  information on the Virginia Fly Fishing & Wine Festival.

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Virginia Fly Fishing & Wine Festival

“Another fly fishing show?!?  It’s April – I should be fishing.”

A) If you live in the Mid-Atlantic, the past few weeks’ rain have probably brought most rivers to levels where fly fishing is going to be tricky this week.

B) This show is worth it.

Conveniently located off I95 , right outside of Richmond, this event keeps growing and growing.  The speaker list is extensive,  with names like Lefty Kreh, Bob Clouser, and  Dave Whitlock on the schedule. Seminar topics and vendors go way beyond the region; Maine, Cuba, and New Zealand are a few of the destinations that are highlighted.

A distinctive of the Virginia Fly Fishing & Wine Festival is that it is truly a family-oriented affair. The winery aspect is obvious, with a number of prominent vineyards attending. Additionally, this is probably the most “kid-friendly” show around. The local Trout Unlimited Youth Camp is holding family fly fishing classes,  Boy Scouts can earn merit badges, and kids can try their hand at fly tying.

Whether you plan on attending with your family, your fishing buddies, or by yourself, this  event is a great launching point for the 2017 fly fishing season.

Check out the schedule of events, and  follow  the festival on social media  for more information.

The show is held April 8th & 9th, 2017.


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  1. Bill says:

    Looking forward to the show this year, last couple ones I have been teaching casting with the Boy Scouts but I get to enjoy the show this time around!

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