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Gone Fishing: Wild

This morning I had about two hours before an appointment. Since said appointment is a fly fishing appointment, it seemed fitting that I “pre game” with some time on the water.

Driving from my home into the mountains, I passed dozens of great streams. I could have fished for early season bass. There were trout streams and ponds in a number of environments.

However, I wanted to fish somewhere wild.

It took a little longer to get there. Consequently, I didn’t get to fish as long as I’d like. And to be honest, that probably reduced the amount of fish that I caught.

But where I was, it was spectacular. Rugged cliffs, clean cold water, and I was all by myself.

I am not at the place in my life and/or fishing career where I can honestly say that I am “just about the experience.” I still want to catch trout, and big ones at that. From time to time, I do get glimpses of what fishing just for the experience is all about.

The drive was part of the fun. Listening to music, and then driving in silence, all the while drinking semi- to reasonably-good coffee. And the scenery of the valley was excellent.

Not bad for two hours. Not bad at all.

See you on Monday.

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