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Fly Fishing Father’s Day: Game Changing Gifts

Father’s Day is less than a week away. If you’re like most people, you’re looking to  show your thankfulness and love to dear old dad through lavishing him with gifts.  If he is a fly fisherman, or if you’re looking to get him into fly fishing, gift-giving is as easy as pie.

And if you’re going to give a gift, go big or go home.

If there is one thing that we can all agree upon, it is that bigger is better. Better might not necessarily mean better performance, durability,  aesthetics, or anything like that. But better certainly means a better gift.

I’ve compiled a quick and easy gift giving guide for those of you who are looking for a last minute Father’s Day package. What I’ve put together is essentially a starter kit for that special dad in your life. A rod, a reel, and a fly box will get him out on the water, impressing fish with the quality of your gear.

Here are the three items that the fly fishing dad really needs:

Thomas & Thomas Individualist Limestoner

There are plenty of great fly rods in the $200 price range. But multiply that number fifteen times over, and you’ve got a really great fly rod. Thomas & Thomas is one of the unsung stalwarts of the fly rod industry. This 8-foot, 4-weight model is perfect for a English Chalkstream, or the local put-and-take fishery stocked with shell-shocked rainbows.  The moderate action will give dad a chance to think about the hours and hours of personalized labor that went into the rod as he leisurely casts  about the local creek. Cost: $3,150.00

Bozeman Reel SC Series

If Dad is going to have a rod that costs more than  most people’s first car, you can’t throw any old reel on the bottom. But you also can’t attach the latest and greatest space-age, modern-drag reel on a piece of art like a bamboo rod. Enter the Bozeman SC. This click-pawl beauty isn’t going to help you stop fish with any fancy mechanism, but any trout worth it’s mettle will stop to admire the beauty of this USA-made work of art.  Cost: $675.00

Richard Wheatley Mahogany Fly Box

“A touch of luxury for your fly storage as these boxes are built using the finest Brazilian Mahogany and hand crafted mitre joints.” If that doesn’t get you excited about lining up nymphs in foam sheets, I don’t know what will. I couldn’t find a shearling-lined sling pack for proper placement of such a box, but  whatever your father delicately shove this conspicuous fly receptacle in  ought to be worthy. My goodness, even the foam is English made. You can’t afford for Dad’s flies to not ride in this style.  Cost:   £75.00


There you have it. For only a few dollars (and pounds), you can thank Dad for siring you by outfitting him with the essentials for a nice afternoon on the river. Of course, he’ll also need a pair of premium pliers, some bulletproof waders that feature a zipper, and some flies personally tied by the individual who’s name is on the pattern. But this is the one day of the year created by a greeting card company when you can really show love.

Note: I did not receive any of these fine products for review. If I ever did, I would give them a much more in-depth, less tongue in cheek, and enthusiastically fervent write up. Seriously…



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