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Flies – Just a Click Away

It was over eighteen months ago that I wrote about the concept of monthly fly subscriptions. I took a look at the flies, the packaging, the cost, and the presentation of a handful of the companies that were offering a “flies by mail” subscription. By and large, every offering was relatively close to one another in what they were selling anglers.

What I found that set some apart from others was the little things: a newsletter, a sticker, some information on the flies. These little touches not only made them unique, but they appealed to the interests of potential customers.

One company that hadn’t even launched yet was The Fly Crate. Since then, The Fly Crate has opened for business and begun to carve out a niche for itself in the angling marketplace.

Before I mention anything else, I want to make the most important thing clear:  the flies are good. I have fished a number of trout patterns and bass poppers from The Fly Crate, and they look and hold up very well. In fact, I know the source of the flies and was impressed to see where they were coming from.

But there is more:

Along with the flies, The Fly Crate gives back to veterans, supports conservation, and allows you to purchase items a la  carte.  The website is clean and easy to use, and the communication is top notch.

The Fly Crate is trying to spread the word about their memberships and what they have to offer. To do so, they are giving away flies, informative articles, and more. It all comes down to sharing The Fly Crate across social media platforms. Whereas mailers and call lists used to be the way to build exposure, companies like the fly crate now turn to Facebook and Instagram.

Again, I vouch for the quality of the flies I’ve fished from The Fly Crate. As far as I am concerned, that is what the measure of any fly – be it from a membership, online store, or brick and mortar.

Interested to see what the Fly Crate has to offer, and potentially get a few free flies out of it? Click here to learn more.


  1. Calvin says:

    I have been receiving the Fly Crate for a decent period now, and it is by far one the best subscriptions for ready to fish flies (and also receive two other fly fishing subscriptions) and have seen it grow from just offering a “snack pack” to what they have now and they seem to improve constantly. I know first hand how They have also been great supporters of Veterans! The customer service that you receive from them is by far one of the best in the Industry. I highly recommend the Fly Crate! (And I am in no way compensated by a Fly Crate, I pay for two subscriptions a Trout Bum for my self and a snack pack to share)

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