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Casting Across: Flying By

Today I’m traveling and working on some exciting content. Casting Across has been  up and running for nearly half of a year, and I have been loving every minute of the writing, conversations, and fishing that has taken place because of it.

Thank you for reading, whether you’re here for the first time or you’re a regular of the site. Regardless, I have two requests:

1.  Follow me! Not literally, of course. That would be awkward given my current travels… and in general.

I do put all new content on social media, as well as a select few other items that I think are worth my time and yours. So  please take a moment to follow/like/subscribe/etc.  on Twitter, Facebook,  Instagram, & Flipboard.

Not that everything on the site isn’t already fun,  but I have some great and exclusive things in store for those following Casting Across in the next few months.

2. Contact me!  Please reach out, via social media, this site’s contact page, or even my email (matthew[at]castingacross.com). I’d love to hear what you like, what could use improvement, or just a “hello!”

Thanks again for  being on the other end of what I’m doing, I truly appreciate it.

Tight lines, or happy reading until that happens.

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