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Black Friday Fly Fishing Options

Happy belated Thanksgiving from Casting Across!

Also, if you’re among the many who get this unofficial holiday off I hope that you’re able to take advantage of today however you choose. Fly fishing, shopping, napping, decorating for Christmas: however you find joy on Black Friday is fine by me.

Outdoors pursuits are certainly a good option. In fact, the oversaturation of doorbusters and pre-Black Friday sales has made Friday a perfect time to get outside. There are a bevy of opportunities to shop online during your turkey coma on Thanksgiving night and throughout the week following this weekend. Today, while everyone is running around, fighting over single-serve coffee machines and Turbo Man dolls, you can be in the woods. It might be a little chilly, but you and your family have a chance do extend the  real joy of the table out for another day.

There is something to be said for going fishing on a holiday, or a day immediately abutting a holiday. You’ll get solitude, a chance to zig while the rest of the culture is stressfully zagging, and you’ll be fishing.

Say you do want to do some online shopping. I do have some suggestions:

  • Vedavoo has rolled out their  2018 lineup, which includes some new gear and updates to their already fantastic packs.
  • Risen Fly‘s already spectacular prices are slashed. If you or your fishing buddies need fly boxes, you’re making a huge mistake by not picking up some  from Risen Fly today!
  • The Fly Crate has a big discount throughout their whole fly shop. These flies are the real  deal, and this is a great way to refresh your stocks (and stockings).
  • The Fly Fishing Show tickets will always be well received!

Want more gift ideas? Browse through my recommended companies in Casting Across’ People, Places, & Things.


  1. Happy day after Thanksgiving Matthew. I’m going to just sit back and enjoy a beautiful day here in Colorado, but I thought I’d like to give a thumbs up to two of the companies you’ve highlighted. I happily wear Vedavoo on my side while I’m fishing and Risen Fly products sit on my tying bench. Both are great companies to deal with. My official favorite holiday after Thanksgiving is The Fly Fishing Show!

  2. Some nice alternatives offered here, but today I opted for a non-commercial venture, fishing on the Rapidan. Lovely day. With family tomorrow hiking/casting on White Oak Canyon. Hope you’re having a great start to the holiday season.

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