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7 Fly Fishing Gifts for Father’s Day, $15-$200

Buying a Father’s Day gift for a fly fisherman should be an easy enough task. Gear, and stuff in general, is a big part of the angling culture. But there are two big problems:

  1. He might already have one.
  2. He might not need that.

Thankfully, there are some things that every fly fisherman needs. Moreover, if he had another one it would be a good thing.

While there is no sure-fire gift for the pickiest dad on your list, I’ve compiled a list of seven items that span the $15-$200 price range that should please most men this Father’s Day.

$15 – Fly Trap XLT Pro Series

The least expensive item on this list might make the most immediate impact on your angler’s day-to-day fly fishing. The Fly Trap is an ingenious little device that can hold practically all the tippet, tools, and go-to flies for a day on the water. I have one that travels from pack to pack, allowing me to use one set of familiar accessories in every situation. With replaceable silicone cylinders for holding flies, this  little gadget will become a fixture on his vest or sling.   $14.50, Feather-Craft Fly Fishing

$20 – Angler’s Pint

Everyone drinks. It might not be ale or lager, but everyone drinks something. If he is a fly fisher, he’ll like the Angler’s Pint. This over-sized, 21.5 oz glass accommodates the largest craft brews, milkshakes, or iced teas. With your choice of original, classic fish artwork that includes trout, salmon, and saltwater species, this will become Dad’s favorite glass.  $18.95, Karen Talbot Art

$35 – Risen Fly Aluminum Fishing Pliers

You could use a pair of $15 hardware-store pliers while fishing in the salt, but they’ll be rusted after a few months. You could spend $200 on a pair of high-end, big-name pliers, but you’ll be out a lot of cash. This set from Risen Fly is identical to many premium pliers out there, but at a fraction of the price. They’re anodized, come equipped with a pouch and lanyard, and even look good to top it all off. Plus, he’ll always need another set of pliers.  $36.00, Risen Fly Fishing

$80 – Orvis Nippers

I couldn’t exclude these nippers a week after singing their praises. They might seem like a luxury – but what is Father’s Day for? If dad has a pair of cheap nippers, and has been making do with them for years, now is the time for an upgrade. $79.00, Orvis

$105 – Postfly Subscription

A fly fisher always needs more flies. If he ties, he needs more materials. There is literally no way to go wrong with sending an angler more of either of these. With Postfly, all you need to know is what he fishes for the most: trout, warmwater, salmon/steelhead, or saltwater. From there, they’ll send him a box of fun stuff every month. Around $105.00 for a six-month subscription, Postfly

$150 – Blue Halo Blank

This is really the only wild-card on this list. Want to really impress and intrigue this Father’s Day? Have him unwrap an unfinished fiberglass fly rod blank. He’ll either have to wrap it himself or have someone wrap it for him, but that isn’t something that people get to do every day. Blue Halo is the top name in the industry, and for a few more bucks he’ll have an incredible piece of custom gear and a fun experience. $140-$160 based on size,  Blue Halo

$200 – Vedavoo Rod Quiver

He has a lot of fly rods. Each has a tube. Throw three or four of those in the backseat or trunk, and it’ll rattle around all day. Lugging them on-board plane rides are no fun. And even though it seems like a minor inconvenience, dealing with the tubes and individual socks is one more step before fishing. Vedavoo’s handmade Rod Quivers are built in the USA to order, and hold up to four rods. They provide security and an unprecedented level of convenience for anglers who travel around the world – or just down the street. $200-$220, Vedavoo

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