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2 Guys and A River and Me and Fly Fishing Shows

I’ve frequently written about how outdoor shows can be “the most fun fly fishing thing you can do while not actually fly fishing.” These expos often encompass the best of the off-the-water elements of fly fishing: the people, places, and things that go into the pursuit of fish. As we head into the winter months and the bulk of the indoor fly fishing events, it is worth planning a weekend day or two around a local show.

Recently I did a long distance sit-down with Steve and Dave of 2 Guys and A River to talk about fly fishing shows. 2 Guys and A River is a weekly fly fishing podcast that serves both as  entertainment for seasoned anglers and an entry point for beginners. I’ve been a guest on the show before, and definitely recommend subscribing to their feed wherever you listen to podcasts.

On this episode, we discussed what makes a good fly fishing show. This included how to get the most out of a day’s visit, as well as a survey of some  of the options across the country.  And, true to form, we gave a little bit of humor our best shot.

Here is how you can listen to my conversation on 2 Guys and A River:

I’ve written about fly fishing shows from a few different perspectives over the years. Here is an indexed page where you can browse some of the different features and recaps from Casting Across.

Here are links to the outdoor shows that we mentioned on the podcast:

Plan on heading to a show this year? Leave a note in the comments to share your plans.


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