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100 Fishing Questions

“Can we go fishing?”


“Where are we going?

“What are we going to catch?

“Why do I need sunscreen?

“Why do I need shoes?

“Can we get donuts?

“Did you remember my rod?

“Can I use your rod?

“Can we go to the bathroom?

“Are we allowed to park here?

“Are they fishing?

“Are they catching anything?

“Why can’t we fish right next to them?

“Can I go to the bathroom here?

“Why are we using that fly?

“Did you tie that fly?

“Do you know who tied that fly?

“What are flies made of?

“Do they have to kill the chickens first?

“What was that sound?

“Why can’t I pee in the water?



“What does ‘set the hook’ mean?

“What do you mean ‘pull it back’?

“Can you get my fly out of the tree?

“Why are you climbing that tree?

“How do I reel it in?

“Is it a shark?

“Are there sharks in here?

“Do sunfish have teeth?

“Are sunfish poisonous?

“Can it hurt me?

“Can we eat it?

“Can I go pee again?

“When are we going to go home?

“What happens when people die?

“Can I have my snack now?

“Why are there a pile of cans in the woods?

“Why don’t they just throw them in the trash?

“Are they coming back to get them?

“What does ‘set the hook’ mean, again?

“Why is it called a largemouth bass?

“Are bass bigger than sunfish?

“Can bass hurt me?

“Why is my foot wet?

“Did you bring extra shoes?

“Why didn’t you bring my snack?

“What is a hurricane?

“Are there hurricanes here?

“Can this pond have a hurricane?

“Where do the fish go in a hurricane?

“Where’s my¬† hat?

“What’s that smell?

“What kind of animal poop is it?

“Why do animals poop in the woods?

“Can you wash the poop off my shoe?

“Can I poop somewhere?

“How come I keep catching fish?

“Why do you not catch fish sometimes?

“How long have you been fishing?

“So, why do you not catch fish sometimes?

“How are trout harder to catch?

“Why don’t you just fish for sunfish, then?

“Why do you have so many fishing rods?

“Why do I only have one fishing rod?

“Can I have some of your fishing rods?

“Where can I go pee again?

“Can you wash the animal poo off my foot again?

“Can we go to McDonald’s on the way home?

“Do you think Batman goes fishing?

“Could I go fishing with Batman?

“Why do you keep taking pictures of the fish we’re catching?

“What is a website?

“What is the internet?

“Why would people want to read that?

“Do they have to read it for school?

“How many fish have we caught?

“Why haven’t you kept track?

“Why haven’t we kept any?

“What’s mercury?

“What’s poison again?

“Will the water make us sick?

“What’s diarrhea again?

“Why are we picking up their trash?

“Why does it smell like pee?

“Can I go pee again before we go?

“Why do I have to take my shoes off before we get it?

“Did you remember my rod?

“Why do we have to go home?

“Why do I have to go to bed?

“Do fish sleep?

“Are you going to go fishing again after I go to sleep?

“Why didn’t you catch as many fish as me?

“Why do I need help?

“When will I be able to fish by myself?

“Will you still come with me?

“Will you go fishing with me when I’m a daddy?

“Can we go fishing tomorrow?



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