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Fly Fishing, Low & Slow: 5 Winter Fundamentals

Low and slow winter fly fishing isn’t some sort of revelation. Based on the river and the conditions, one could theoretically fish any kind of fly in the winter. Yet virtually everywhere, dragging streamers slowly across the riverbed produces. It isn’t fast and furious fly fishing, but it is consistent and effective. This is especially …

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Fly Fishing the Mushroom Kingdom

The year was 1990, and I can remember it like it was yesterday.  I took my first trip to this exotic destination. Even at the age of 6 I’d been to plenty of far off locales. In fact, I’d been only a stone’s throw from the area in question numerous times. But this was like …

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Podcast Ep. 13: Finding Your Own Water

When was the last time you found new water to fish? I don’t mean flipping through a fly fishing guidebook or following the stocking truck. Have you ever gone out with map in hand, located water, and fished it? Doing this can be much more rewarding than catching fish. We don’t get to do a …

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I Heard About this Spot

I heard about this spot where there’s supposed to be trout. Not just any trout. Brook trout. Wild. Native. And this spot is quite close. And it is surprisingly urban. And it seems too good to be true. This knowledge, like any lead on buried treasure or city of gold, was stumbled into. A chance …

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Fly Patches Tell a Story

You’ll find them affixed to the front of fishing vests, clipped to the brim of ball caps, and stuck to the underside of vehicle visors. They come in shearling fleece and high-density foam. Their purpose is to hold, to dry, to accumulate. A fly patch can tell a story. Fly boxes say a lot about …

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Podcast Ep. 12: Why You Should Fish the Shenandoah

Within a few hours’ drive of the urban sprawl that surrounds Washington, DC, you can get into some amazing brook trout fishing. Or, you can get into some spectacular smallmouth bass fishing. Or, you can do both. The Shenandoah is a remarkable, beautiful, and historic region of the Mid-Atlantic. For fly fishers, it offers great …

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