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Tie on Some Fly Fishing Podcasts

I’ve been tying a lot more flies as of late. I’ve also been trying to be more consistent in the quality of my tying. To best achieve this, I’ve turned off the television. But I can’t have silence. That just won’t do.

The solution is easy: podcasts.

I already listen to them while I am doing yard work or driving. It is simple to have something on in the background while I tie. And it just makes sense for fly fishing podcasts to be in the rotation. Sure, I listen to history, current event, and theology podcasts. But that isn’t what Casting Across is about.

As I’ve done numerous times before, I’ve listed a handful of good podcasts and podcast episodes that I think are worth your time.  The men and women who are doing this and doing it well put in a lot of time to provide this free education/entertainment. If you get a chance, leave them a review on iTunes!

They don’t necessarily have anything to do with fly tying. But they’ll definitely work while you tie. Find out why these 5 podcast are ones which I think you should listen to:

2 Guys and A River – Why We Like to Fish Alone

Hopefully you can appreciate the wording of this episode title! I appreciate hearing Dave and Steve, who usually talk about fishing together, talk about fishing alone. No matter how much you like the social aspects of angling, there comes a time when you just want to be alone with nature, the trout, and your thoughts. Even if you already fish all by yourself, it is fun to hear how other people fish by themselves.

Anchored With April Vokey – Miles Nolte: The Alaska Chronicles

This episode is an example of what April Vokey does best. In her interview with Miles Nolte, she provides a biography, commentary on current events, and some practical fishing information. To have all of that in a seamless 45 minutes is impressive. Nolte is an engaging interview, as writers often are. Alaska is only part of his story, but you’ll have to listen for yourself to see everything that April gets him to say.

The DrakeCast – Hoppers & Droppers:  The Story Behind Hank Patterson

It might seem a bit derivative to  listen to someone talk to someone about someone who pretends to fly fish. But Hank Patterson is the subject matter, so there’s that. But, Travis Swartz has a take on the fly fishing culture that is worth hearing. Plus, the conversation goes from funny to serious and back again a few times. If you know about Your Fly Fishing Guide, you owe it to him and yourself to listen.

The Fly Fishing Consultant Podcast – How Clients Can Prepare for a Guided Fly Fishing Trip

If you are a parent, you know how frustrating it is when you’re trying to get out the door but your child doesn’t even have pants, let alone shoes on. That might be harsh, but that is the feeling that fly fishing guides sometimes have when clients show up for a day of fishing. Finishing up a business call, not having a licence, or being dehydrated from a night of drinking are not optimal for a good day on the water. Rob Snowhite shares some things to think about before you show up to meet your guide.

The Orvis Fly Fishing Guide Podcast – Lessons from the Legendary Au Sable

Although certainly not a universal truth, it seems like Western anglers think about East Coast streams and Eastern anglers think about fishing the Rocky Mountains. What is often ignored in this dichotomous generalization is the middle of the country. Michigan, in particular, is flush with outstanding and historic trout water. Listen to Tom Rosenbauer interview Josh Greenberg about the famed Au Sable, it’s interesting ecosystem, and fly fishing in the Midwest.

Want more podcast suggestions? I’ve got a growing back-catalog of suggestions! Browse through them here.


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