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Rusty Flybox: Summer

Earlier this week, I wrote about the real opportunities that are available for fly fishing for trout – even in the heat of the summer. I realize that even if you try to follow all the recommendations that I gave, there are still plenty of parts of the country that either can’t or shouldn’t engage …

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It is Hot Out! Fish for Trout

Summer is hot in general, but August is really hot. Regardless of your perspective on any thermal phenomenon occurring on a global scale, the heat of these middle months is undeniable. Trout aren’t big fans of heat. Without getting all sciency, factors such as heat in the mid-70’s and the associated reduction in dissolved oxygen …

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Going for the Bronze: Smallmouth Bass at Dusk

This summer, I haven’t even started fishing for smallmouth until after 7:00pm. There are some fish-focused reasons for this. As is common across cold and warm water ecosystems, there is an uptick in insect and baitfish activity at dusk. Diminished shadows and light provides a sense of security for aquatic creatures, including bass. Additionally, there …

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Chasing Dusk: 5 Tips for Summer Evening Fishing

In June, July, and August, we all have a love/hate relationship with the sun. There is a lot more daylight, but the tradeoff is an oppressive heat. Some parts of the country can get downright steamy, forcing anglers to wear oxymoronic lightweight layers. At the same time, there isn’t another time of the year where …

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