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Fall Run: Eastern Steelhead

There is an inherent symmetry in the fall run of steelhead within the Great Lakes system. There is cool rain, and the fish move from the lakes into the tributaries. There is a run of fish, and the anglers move from the trout streams into the tributaries. The fish shed their silvery sheen, and the …

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In Defense of the Palomino

Gimmicky. Bananas. Unnatural. And worst of all: stockers. Those are some of the pejorative terms used by anglers to describe a particular flavor of rainbow trout. The fish in question is, of course, the Palomino. Otherwise known as the golden rainbow, and sometimes improperly (and abhorrently, to the chagrin of west coast anglers) referred to …

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Trout Quixote. four.

This is the fifth part in this series. Catch up by reading the beginning  here ,  Life gets in the way of even the most obsessed-over pursuits. That is the way it ought to be. Diversions should be just that: a deviation from the major thoroughfare of work, school, etc. Fly fishing, as important as it …

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The Hardest Fighting Trout Around

“This is the best hamburger you’ll ever eat.” I’ve said that a handful of times to family and friends as we headed into downtown Portland, Maine. The restaurant in question is Nosh, and the meal that I’ve put at the top of the meat pyramid is the Apocalypse Now burger. (Google it…) Now, I don’t …

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Native or Wild: Words Mean Things

Wild or native? Native or wild? It is the they’re/there/their of fly fishing. “I caught some native browns from that pretty little spring creek in Montana the other week.” No, you didn’t. Unless “Montana” happens to be the name of some fancy European estate. “Look at the colors on this rainbow! The stripes on these …

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