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Tie on Some Fly Fishing Podcasts

I’ve been tying a lot more flies as of late. I’ve also been trying to be more consistent in the quality of my tying. To best achieve this, I’ve turned off the television. But I can’t have silence. That just won’t do. The solution is easy: podcasts. I already listen to them while I am …

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Consulting on Brook Trout & More with Rob Snowhite

“Snowhite? That’s like, a nickname, right?” Knowing an 18-year-old me, that was probably how my first interaction with RobĀ  Snowhite went. I had just started working at the Orvis store in Tysons Corner, Virginia. Rob and a handful of guys in their twenties had been there for a while already. I learned a lot about …

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Fly Fishing Podcasts: Shows for the Show

Today kicks off The Fly Fishing Show’s biggest stop: Edison, New Jersey. Like many fly fishers in this part of the country and far beyond, I’ve made the journey to this event year after year. This year I’m spending two full days, which entails two full nights. With a long-ish drive from New England, that …

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2 Guys and A River and Me and Fly Fishing Shows

I’ve frequently written about how outdoor shows can be “the most fun fly fishing thing you can do while not actually fly fishing.” These expos often encompass the best of the off-the-water elements of fly fishing: the people, places, and things that go into the pursuit of fish. As we head into the winter months …

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