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Pink Squirrels & Fly Fishing Humility

A San Juan Worm on the San Juan River. An Ausable Wulff on the Ausable (not the Au Sable… but that might work, too). An RS-2 on the South Platte. A Letort Hopper on the Letort… during hopper season. It all seems too neat and tidy, too conventional and stereotypical. At this point, haven’t these …

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Fly Fishing, Vacation, & Writing In It

Ah, vacation. I don’t vacation often. “But, Matthew,” you  say, “you’re always talking about amazing fly fishing exploits.” Well, then I have used the power of the pen to sufficiently fool you into thinking I get out more than I do. It isn’t deception, per se, I just optimize those few chances I get. Pay …

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Fly Fishing the Driftless: Angler Research

I’d like to think that I’m still relatively young. However, I am of an age where there are certain benchmarks  that separate me from the younger generation. When I was a teenager, and I wanted information on fly fishing tactics or a region, it meant a trip to the library. I’d have to find actual …

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Fly Shop for the Suburbs: DuPage Fly Fishing Co.

I grew up in the western suburbs of Chicago. Fishing consisted of bait under a bobber for whatever happened to be nearby. I can’t remember a point in my childhood where I became aware of fly fishing. There really wasn’t any reason for me to. No fisheries capable of sustaining trout longer than the cooler …

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First Fish

This may very well be where I caught my first fish. Growing up in the Chicago suburbs, I wasn’t necessarily born into a hotbed of angling. My family wasn’t a fly fishing family. However, like so many kids in middle America, my dad and grandpa did take me fishing. And this might have been that …

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