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Buying a Fly Rod Takes More than a Wiggle

“That’s a nice fishing rod.” It is a cold, hard fact that 75% of the time that particular phrase occurs is while someone is standing indoors, wiggling the tip of a fly rod. Ask a fly shop employee. Ask a company rep at a tradeshow. Hand your average angler a fly rod and see what …

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VIDEO: New Rod from Risen Fly

I got a new fly rod! I’ve been on a nymph fishing kick the last year, and so I decided to get serious about (one of) the most essential pieces of gear. This 10-foot 3-weight from Risen Fly is part of the launch of their brand new 23PS series. Trying something new, I shot a …

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I Scratch Rod Butts (and I can not lie)

A quick flip through a tackle catalog or a scroll through Instragram will clearly demonstrate the charm that aesthetically pleasing fly rods have for fly fishers. Detailed graphics, bright colors, and custom cork designs on handles are “in.” Obviously fish are lining up to be caught by anglers who use prettier gear, so it makes …

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