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Merry Christmas from Casting Across!

What are you doing reading a fly fishing blog on Christmas morning?!? Watch the snow, assemble your kid’s toy, or go back to sleep! “What are you doing writing a fly fishing blog on Christmas morning?” you may ask. Well, through the wonders of the internet and my particular platform, I am writing to you from …

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Gone Fishing: Late

This is about as late in the day as I’ve ever posted on the site. But it’s happening because the family and I have been in the woods of New Hampshire since this morning. It’s a remarkably mild fall, and we were able to enjoy a beautiful White Mountain autumn without jackets or mittens. Similarly, …

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7 Fly Fishing Labor Day Facts

It is Labor Day. Everyone celebrates this delightful, national holiday; few understand its significance. Aside from commonly being confused with Memorial Day, there is a lot of history wrapped up in the unofficial start of fall. Moreover, it is significant to fly fishing. For example, did you know: On Labor Day, there is always a …

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