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Fall Run: Eastern Steelhead

There is an inherent symmetry in the fall run of steelhead within the Great Lakes system. There is cool rain, and the fish move from the lakes into the tributaries. There is a run of fish, and the anglers move from the trout streams into the tributaries. The fish shed their silvery sheen, and the …

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7 Fly Fishing Labor Day Facts

It is Labor Day. Everyone celebrates this delightful, national holiday; few understand its significance. Aside from commonly being confused with Memorial Day, there is a lot of history wrapped up in the unofficial start of fall. Moreover, it is significant to fly fishing. For example, did you know: On Labor Day, there is always a …

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Fly Fishing Fall Foliage: 3 Tips

Let’s talk about leaves. “Why? What to leaves have to do with fly fishing?” you might ask. First, you need to read Trout Are Made of Trees to your child, grandchild, or self. So, there is that. More than the scientific benefits of understanding the relationship between foliage and fish in general, there are some …

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An Additional Autumnal Observance (also Alliterative)

Earlier this week I shared four fall fly fishing fixes.  A “fix,” of course, is simply a compromised synonym for “tip” imposed to create a clever sounding title. Oh well, it’s what’s on the inside (of the article) that counts. After posting the piece, rereading it, and seeing how hundreds of other people have read …

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Four Friendly Fixes for Fall Fly Fishing

For four woefully short months, we get to experience fall. For those who live in latitudes where the seasons change (and I’m not talking about simply going from green to brown, and back again), fall is arguably the best time of the year. Football, cooler weather, pumpkin everything, and pretty spectacular fishing are generally on …

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