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Rusty Flybox: Old Dominion

As this is popping up on the interwebs, I’ll be driving  north to New England.  Over the Potomac, Yellow Breeches, Delaware, and Housatonic.  No fishing, just driving.

But mark my words, I’ll be thinking about fishing.

If I allow myself, I’ll also spend some time thinking about this past year. I was back in Virginia, back where I spent some of my most formative years as a fly fisherman and as a man. There was a plan for the year, but for reasons I still don’t completely understand those doors were closed. Other doors, however, were opened. And that is what I am thankful for; that is what I’m heading up to get started with.

However, there was a year in Virginia! A year of fishing, Sheetz, and revisiting old haunts. In the spirit of reflecting on the year gone by, I’ve selected three posts about my most recent stint in the Old Dominion State.

Give them a read, and don’t forget to subscribe to see what shenanigans I get into back in New England.

Catch, Release, Repeat: Success on the South River

I spent some time  walking the banks of the South River and talking to the guys at the South River Fly Shop. This jewel of a creek flows for dozens of miles, contains numerous types of habitats, and just recently gained new special regulations to protect the fish. Oh, and it is filled with fish. The shop and local anglers were instrumental in  pushing for the restrictions, and the story of the South is a great testament to conservation and  community cooperation.

Fly Fishing the Blue Lines? Try “No Lining”

Who doesn’t love fishing high-gradient mountain streams for small-but-beautiful trout? No one. That is why sometimes you can drive from parking lot to parking lot at these creeks and just keep moving on – if someone is there, there is no sense in fishing after them. What I explore in this piece is a way to get into smaller, relatively unknown water. Just because there isn’t water on your  map, doesn’t mean there isn’t water at all. And if you know where to look, there just might be fish in said water.

Gone Fishing: Wild

Two pictures, only a few words. That being said, this is a great summary of fishing for me at this stage of life.  (The post is only slightly longer than this synopsis!)

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