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Rusty Flybox: Have Fish Will Travel

I’m traveling this month. The plan is to head up and down the east coast, go across the Midwest, and… who knows where else. Between school letting out, water clearing up out west, and better weather in general, June is a prime time for fishing and fishing-related travel

Since I’m currently on the road, the easy thing to do is direct you to some past posts that have to do with travelling for fly fishing.  For a number of reasons, I can’t fish in far-off and exotic locations very much. What I can do, and what I really enjoy, is just fishing wherever I am. Family vacations, business trips, and the occasional fly-fishing trip actually allow me to get out on the water in some great places.

Here are a few  of those travels:

Under the Tuscan Trout

This four-part account details a day in the mountains of Europe, chasing fish under interesting circumstances. Italy might not be the first place you think of when you list fly fishing destinations, but there are some amazing opportunities in this country where people usually travel for food, art, and history. There are also opportunities for guide shenanigans, including, but not limited to, fabricated photos with your client and a fish he did not catch himself. Yeah, that one is in there…

Before First Light

Every fishing excursion, be it across the world or across town, begins  with the ritualistic process of waking up and somehow getting to where you’re going. The particulars of this routine look different from trip to trip and from angler to angler, but there are also plenty of similarities. These include the need for coffee, the overwhelming sense that you forgot to pack something, and the drive to get to the water just a little bit quicker.

On the Driving Away

There are few inevitabilities in a fly fishing trip.  No matter how much an outfitter might promise that you’ll catch a fish, have the time of your life, or make wonderful memories, there is a chance that none of that will come to fruition. What will happen is that your trip will come to an end. Every excursion I’ve ever taken has had a definite stopping point, and I fully anticipate every one in the future will as well. This post looks at some of the common reflections that come at the conclusion of a time away and on the water.

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