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Rusty Flybox: Fall

New England has been experiencing a spectacular fall. Mornings are in the 40’s and the days are getting up to the high 60’s. The air is crisp, the leaves are bright, and the conditions could not be better for chasing fish all over the region.

Whether you are in New England, the Midatlantic, the Midwest, the Rockies, or the Pacific Northwest, you’re experiencing some of the best weather, fishing, and overall times of the year. If you’re in the South… well, you’re having to break out the sweatshirts you’ll wear until March. Enjoy, and rub it in.

Today I’m sharing three posts from the back catalog of Casting Across. Each one has to do with fall. Also, they represent the scope of the writing here on the site. There is some technique, some humor, and some whimsical pontificating. I’ll let you figure out which is which.

Read the posts below by clicking on the titles or pictures, and have a great fall weekend!

Four Friendly Fixes for Fall Fly Fishing

Especially if you are new to fly fishing, there are some high-level concepts that apply specifically to fall. What you pack for your trip changes. Where you wade changes. When you actually get to fish changes. These might require some adjusting, but they also can open up new opportunities and a different way to engage in something you’ve been doing for the previous six months.

An Additional Autumnal Observance

This post came on the heels of the previous one. I had to keep the theme of the titles going. I wrote this because, although I meant every word I said in my  Friendly Fixes, it didn’t communicate the feelings/emotions/underpinning joy of fly fishing in fall. Capturing something like a landscape or a sensation in words is pretty difficult. Encapsulating a whole season and everything that entails? Well, I gave it a brief shot.

Football or Fly Fishing

Seriously. This is a big deal. What do you do if there is a top 10 college matchup on at 1:00, but this is your only day off work and the weather is perfect? For some of you, it might not be a difficult decision. For others, two perfectly fine leisure activities are now contending for your time and attention. What do you do? I’ve got some ideas.



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