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New Stream, Same Fish

Shiny and new, eh?

After three years, Casting Across has received a little makeover. I didn’t sink dozens of hours into focus groups and hundreds of dollars into design consulting. I  knew the direction I wanted to go in, and with a few tweaks I got there relatively quickly. The new font is bolder, the new colors brighter, and the overall feel is cleaner.

Of course, typefaces and colors don’t mean a can of split shot if the content is lacking. Casting Across has been, and will continue to be, about fly fishing writing. However, if you’ve read for any period of time you know that I appreciate the aesthetics of angling. Whether it be actual gear or even just the branding, there is something very pleasing about thoughtfully crafted imagery. It doesn’t make the fishing, but it can make it better.

I like the old look. The old, serifed wordmark  was chosen to evoke the look newsprint. The unfurling fly line creates a little contrast, but has been hard to see in most applications. The old colors, burnt orange and a brownish-gray,  sought to replicate the muted look of traditional gear. In certain applications I’ll still utilize the old stuff.

All that to say, I hope you like it. The look pops. It is more versatile across platforms. It is fun that the “c” looks like the logo of my beloved Cubs, and it is fun that the lower-case “a” looks like a fish.  Some fun facade-level alterations aren’t going to make or break Casting Across… that is still up to my writing. I’m excited about the new look, and what is going to accompany it.

That, however, is going to have to wait until Monday.

Have a great weekend!


  1. JZ says:

    I like everything about your new look. Although to be fare, its your writing about the sport that keeps me reading. I’m a complete drunk when it comes to fly fishing. I’ve fell of the bar stool countless times and continue to get back-up. Only to stare deep into the bottom of a glass and wonder. Wondering what waiting new memories are left for me to discover. Angling brings about many mysteries. Too answer a few, you need put on your big boy waders and set forth. Drank, drunk and drink it up, cause that’s the good stuff!

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