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Make Plans to Show Up to The Show

I know what you’re thinking.

“The weather is just getting nice again – I’m going to be able to fish so much this fall!”

True. But if you live in most of the country, the harsh reality that winter weather is only a half dozen weeks away can’t be ignored. It’s okay. Don’t run from it. Embrace it.

Think about what you will be able to get done. Fly tying, cleaning your gear, and, of course, The Fly Fishing Show.

The full schedule of The Fly Fishing Show is up and viewable. Like I’ve said before, now is the time to make plans. Put the Show on your calendar in pen today, and it will keep you free from house projects, dinner engagements, and other trivial matters come January.

I’ve written plenty about why I enjoy fly fishing expos. You can check out some of those articles, including pieces specifically about The Fly Fishing Show, here. There are a lot of great events put on by various organizations around the country, but The Fly Fishing Show is the biggest and reaches the widest audience.

More will be said about “show season” in the coming months, but do yourself a favor today: put your closest Show stop in your planner.

Denver, CO: January 4-6

Marlborough, MA: January 18-20

Edison, NJ: January 25-27

Atlanta, GA: February 1-2

Lynnwood, WA: February 16-17

Pleasanton, CA: February 22-24

Lancaster, PA: March 9-10

Head to The Fly Fishing Show website for more information.


  1. Les Crews says:

    I don’t like to complain. But considering the significance of North Carolina’s fisheries, it is somewhat disheartening to see the nearest show is in Atlanta.
    Enough complaining. I’ll just go fishing instead.
    My perspective is one of the glass half full.

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