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Last Cast of the Year: 2017

Be at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let every new year find you a better man.

– Benjamin Franklin

From what I know about Benjamin Franklin, I have to assume that his use of “war” allowed for a pretty wide range of interpretations. I also can’t find any record of him being an angler, so we can exclude fly fishing from the initial phrase of that particular New Year maxim. So all in all, it is  a reasonably good way to think about 2018.

And 2017 has been a reasonably good year. I’ve moved back to New England, forged some new trails for Casting Across, and even caught a fish or two. Of course, you know all that – because I’ve been writing about it three times a week for the past year.

  truly  enjoy writing about fly fishing. The people, places, and things that go into catching fish are just inherently fun. It isn’t that everything surrounding the quarry and the culture is perfect, but there is a whole lot of good worth sharing. Say what you want about some of the more unsavory characters and characteristics in fly fishing: the simple pleasures of fish, fly rods, and friends overshadow the negative.

Below are the three posts that got the most views in 2017. Is it the best of list? I don’t think so. However, these three articles are close to summarizing the warp and woof of Casting Across. Products, tips, and humor are what make this website and my writing mine. Have a look, and a read, below:

3 Things Not To Do When Fishing New Water

This is as close to motivational writing as you’re going to find on Casting Across. It is all about getting your mind right. No fly, cast, or tactic is going to be a miracle cure when you are giving a new creek that first shot. You need to get back to basics. You need to assert yourself. You need to just fish. In this article, I go over all of that. So go get ’em, slugger.

The Fly Fishing Show: A Look at 3 Great Products

January is a very good time for fly fishers in the northeast who are looking to buy, learn, and experience what is new in angling. That is because The Fly Fishing Show comes to New Jersey. What was known as “Somerset” for years is now actually in Edison. This particular post was a quick synopsis of three products that I was introduced to while I was at the show this past year.

Lyme: Avoid Getting Ticked While Fly Fishing

This might be one of the more serious and informative posts I’ve ever written. Lyme disease is no fun. I am no expert, and I can’t speak authoritatively on the full scope of what some claim the disease can do, but I did get it. And once again, it is no fun. Since Lyme is transmitted by ticks and ticks live outdoors and fly fishing happens outdoors, fly fishers ought to be aware of this crucial information.


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