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Last Cast of the Week, 10/6/2017

Most Fridays on Casting Across are  devoted to other people’s contributions in the fly fishing community. Articles, pictures, social media accounts, videos, podcasts, products, and more will be featured on The Last Cast of the Week.

Today, I’m sharing items from  Blue Halo, Rep Your Water, & Douglas Outdoors.

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Check out the links, along with my thoughts, below:


Blue Halo – New Products on Instagram

Chances are that if you’re reading this, you are also one of the 35,000 followers of Blue Halo’s Instagram account. So I realize that I am probably preaching to the choir. Still, I hope that you have taken the time to check out their posts this past week. They’ve been focusing on new products. Some of the highlights are their 3rd generation of rods/rod blanks and some new reel seats. As you can imagine, they look spectacular. But Blue Halo is more than just a pretty rod – they have carved out their place in the industry because their bold aesthetic complements truly high performing gear.

Rep Your Water – New Shirts & Hats

Rep Your Water has struck this interesting balance with their gear where they are ubiquitous and hard to find at the same time. Don’t get me wrong: you’ll always be able to get your hands on something from Rep Your Water. But there is also the chance that a certain design gets hot and you’ll be calling random fly shops across the country trying to get your hands on a hat with a carp on it. So, with a recent release of some new gear now is the time to strike if something has tickled your fancy. Check out all the new designs in the link above.

Douglas Outdoors – Upstream Video

The Douglas Upstream is one of my favorite fly rods. I’ve fished the 8′ 2-weight for a few years now, and it is perfect for small creeks and delicate presentations. Douglas recently posted short videos of all their products on YouTube, and (in my opinion) you can really see the finesse and touch that sets the Upstream apart from practically every other graphite fly rod that I’ve ever fished. Watch the video. But then, if you can cast the Upstream at a shop or expo this winter definitely make it happen.


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